Real Ways to Make Money Online – The Million Dollar Solution

It can be very difficult to find real ways to make money online. In this article I will share with you 5 of my universal techniques that regardless of what goes on in the cyber world, I can always count on to pay my bills. Let’s face it, the internet changes several times an hour every day. Most people fail because they spend their time trying to keep up with those changes. That can be a costly mistake.

Let me illustrate it this way. If you wanted to paint a white house red. You could talk to five different people and hear 5 different ways to paint a house red. But the bottom line, the very basic action is to get the red paint out of the can and on to the house. You could spray it on, roll it on, pat it on, brush it on or even just dump it on. And if you chose to do nothing at all the house would just stay white. Well marketing online follows that same process. There are real ways to make money online but if you complicate the process all you will have at the end of the day is a very complex marketing campaign.

So let’s talk about specific things you can do that no matter how involved the internet becomes the very core remains the same.

  1. Content will always be King, Queen and Prince. No one will buy from your website or get involved if they cannot hear or decipher your message. The content of your site must have a certain level of appeal to your audience.
  2. Now you have to decide how that content is going to get on your site. So either you are going to do it or hire a freelancer. Ultimately you are going to have to act as a real editor and chief. In other words are you going to write it or are you going to get someone else to do it. It is just that simple as this is one of the real ways to make money online.
  3. When you know where to look money is no object. In fact if you do your research you can make money online without spending a dime. Free sites like Craigslist, Backpage are sustainable means of promoting whatever you are doing but like I mentioned earlier the content must be appealing.
  4. Before I embark on any online “adventure” I choose my words carefully by utilizing Google’s Keyword Tool directly or by using a 3rd party’s interpretation. My point is I do not act like a know it all. I do my research, I let various keyword tools tell me how people are using the internet. I am able to find out what phrases and words people are using to find their way across the internet. Genius right!
  5. And finally no matter how sophisticated the internet becomes someone will always host free domain names and space online at no charge. This is a great way to get started when you want to find real ways to make money online.

Now for the more seasoned online veteran. My advice to you is to:

  1. Write more articles.
  2. Do more email opt in campaigns.
  3. Use Free classifieds to backlink to your website.
  4. Create 6 online marketing platforms. Be everywhere all the time.
  5. And the most powerful advice I can give you, is to learn how to build you own websites.

These are the real ways to make money online that regardless of change will never go away. Now go get em!

2 Puzzling Problems In Online Marketing: How To Get Traffic And How To Make Money Online?

There are 2 puzzling problems in online marketing: how to get free traffic and how to make money online? For not knowing the answers to these two critical questions, so many people make little or no money online while making efforts to successfully build and run a profitable online business.

The truth behind the answers to the above questions lies in the fact that many people are spending much of their time and their energy on the wrong things when striving to make money on the internet. Having said that, these things usually relate to two major difficulties.

The first difficulty refers to the situation where many inexperienced and newbie online marketers feel overwhelmed with too much information to digest that’s known as information overload when wanting to learn all the ropes of making money online.

And, the second stumbling block many inexperienced internet marketers are facing is the situation where they are trying to implement all the possible internet marketing strategies for building and running their online business all by themselves.

All that really matters in terms of making money online are two essential ingredients: traffic and offer.

In other words, you have a product that’s an offer to sell through your web site or your blog. The next thing you should do is naturally drive targeted traffic that’s an ‘army’ of your potential customers to the website where your offer is available.

Subsequently, here is how this whole internet marketing process works.

Firstly, you create a high value free product as the result of researching and identifying your niche market’s needs and wants.

Next, you develop a squeeze page that’s a simple web page purely designed for capturing your site’s visitors’ names and email addresses as soon as they optin to receive your free product. Through your squeeze page you build and grow the list of your subscribers by means of an automated email marketing software that’s in the internet marketing jargon known as auto-responder.

Now, you might be wondering where exactly that paid product that I am offering is and how to actually sell it. There are two main ways for you to do that.

One option is that immediately after your new subscriber enters their name and email address to optin to receive your free product, on the following page (known as ‘thank you page’) as soon as they click to confirm that they want to receive your free product you can simply include the link to your paid product. This paid offer marketed in this specific manners is called an ‘upsell’.

The other option that you can take advantage of in order to sell any of your products is quite simply through using your automated email marketing software (known as auto-responder) where you can well in advance programme the sequence of follow-up email messages to be sent to your subscribers.

Therefore, after your new subscriber receives their free gift from your squeeze page, you don’t have to sell them your paid product immediately like in the first option, but you simply include the URL link to that offer in one of your automated follow-up email messages.

Now, once you understand how to actually make money online, at the last marketing stage you set up a blog that you will use for actively communicating nurturing a good relationship with your loyal blog’s visitors based on constantly delivering high value content that they desire and want.

The way you find out what your audience really desires and wants is simply through surveying your blog’s readers on a regular basis. In return, this helps you produce high value free and paid products that they are really looking for. It is a win-win situation for both you as an online marketer and them as your prospects and customers.

This entire marketing process as described above in fact works as a dynamic online marketing circle that looks like a marketing funnel.

Finally, the 2 evergreen questions in online marketing that are how to get traffic and how to make money online are now answered through understanding and implementing this 5 stage marketing process.
Subsequently, the way this marketing funnel operates is that you keep on redirecting your squeeze page’s mailing list subscribers to visit your blog for new updates, offers or surveys on one side, and also redirecting your loyal blog’s readers to go to your squeeze page to get your free product and subscribe to your email list on the other side. The next thing you do is simply ‘rinse and repeat’ the whole process.

Business Signage: Its Purpose and Advantages

A sign is something that implies a connection between itself and its object. Uses of conventional signs are wide-ranging. Generally, the goal is to bring forth a response or simply to inform. That can be attained by marking something, displaying a message that draws attention.

Business signage therefore is effective in letting others know who you are, what you do and what you sell. People can see your signage as they pass by and make an impression on your business.

You cannot tell how many signs persuade people, but be assured that these are influential means of communication. Signs express the message without the need to first capture someone’s attention.

Purposes of business signage:
• Puts up your business image. A sign endorses the goods and services you are promoting and must be part of your trademark and marketing plan. It helps people keep in mind your business name and what you sell. People are apt to buy from businesses they are familiar with. Thus make use of your sign to make an image and achieve your targeted market segment.

• Signs give out information. For would-be new customers, it is essential that your sign provide them a good judgment of what your business is offering. This is particularly vital if your business name do not tell people what you are putting on the market. You will need a picture or tagline to emphasize what you sell. Make sure that important details like business address, website (if any) and contact numbers are included in your signage. You can also add information of promotions to catch the attention of customers.

• Provides direction. If your business is not established in an easy to reach area, signs can be of help. You can put a sign in a busier location where people can easily see it and will direct them your way.

Advantages of Signage:
• Affordable. Signage is much more affordable compared to the cost of advertising through other media.

• Available. Signs are accessible on hand to all shop owners. You can use your sign however and whenever you please.

• Simple to use. Using your business signage is never complicated once it is installed.

• Does the job 24/7. Signage informs possible customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is seen by passersby every time people come and go in your location. Repetitively seeing the message will instill it into people’s memory.

Signs does cost money but very minimal. If your signage already looks old and outdated, don’t put your business into a compromise. Change your signage with a new one to maintain effectiveness.